Entrepreneurship Training for Parents of Children with Cancer at Muhimbili


TCCIA held a half day entrepreneurship training for parents of children with cancer at Tumaini la Maisha, Muhimbili hospital. The objective of the training was to provide 15 family members staying at the centre with skills and knowledge on how to set up a business and access markets while they are at the cancer centre.

TCCIA believes that we have the responibility to our communities and as part of our commitment to create real value in a changing community, we are to develop and support practices and services that will bring positive change in the private sector. As part of TCCIA CSR activities and on the occasion of its 25 th year anniversary TCCIA held the entrepreneurship training, which contributed to the broadening of the participants’ knowledge on how to set up a business.

The cancers that affect children are generally unique to those that affect adults and the incidence of childhood cancer is 150 in a million worldwide. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer currently cause 63 per cent of all disease related deaths

worldwide and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that deaths from NCDs will increase by a further 17 per cent in the next decade. In Africa, that number will jump by 24 per cent. With an estimated population of 41 million people, Tanzania would expect to see as many as 2,300 new cases of childhood cancer each year.

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