How to benefit from joining Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture

Joining the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture in your area is a great way to gain new business prospects, be an active part of your community and learn about new ways to advertise your business. You can attract more local business and have resources available as a part of the Chamber of Commerce. It’s also a great way to make connections, meet new business people and become informed about the activities going on in your local community.


  • Research your area for any Chamber news and events or you can visit our website online at and look for your nearest district,regional Chamber of Commerce or visit our head offices at 21st Ghana Avenue in Dar es salaam.
  • Contact your nearest Chamber offices to find information about the Chamber of Commerce and ask to speak to District Executive officer if at District Offices,Regional Executive Officer if at the regional Offices or Membership Recruitment Officer if that Head Offices.
  • Familiarize yourself with the events and information of your local area Chamber of Commerce. Write down how your business could benefit from being a member of the organization and how the chamber could benefit from having your business as a member.
  • Attend one of the meetings from the Chamber of Commerce. Familiarize yourself with their meeting structures and discussion topics. Meet with other members after the meeting to find out ways you can become involved with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Call to make an appointment with the president of your Chamber of Commerce or Regional Chairmen or Membership Recruitment Officer at +255 22 2119436/+255 787 771769/+255 652 942543.
  • Go to your meeting with the TCCIA President,TCCIA Regional Chairmen or Membership Recruitment Officer. Present a portfolio about your business. Include what your business does, and also why your business would be a valuable member of the chamber. Membership department will review and finally provide confirmation about your membership.

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  1. Mahalia says:

    Alright alrihgt alright that’s exactly what I needed!

  2. danie van der Merwe says:

    Good morning Sir

    Tongaat Hulett Starch is Africa’s largest producer of Starch, Glucose and related products. We produce a wide range of high quality products for customers across Africa and around the world using maize as our raw material. The products manufactured at our five mills are essential ingredients in the manufacturing processes by hundreds of different companies, in as many industries.

    By supplying a diverse range of products, to an equally diverse range of clients and industries, we have a lasting impact on the lives of millions of consumers across the African continent and around the world.

    Our company is looking for export opportunities to your country and would like to know where our company can obtain a list of manufacturers of various food grade products that we can work with

    Regards and looking forward to hear from you

    Danie van der Merwe

  3. Kenneth says:

    Very nice, i suggest webmaster can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

  4. Agile Labs, Bangalore, INDIA will be an exhibitor at ‘ Computronics-Tanzania’2011! This is our first interaction with TCCIA. We hope to have a good show and also look forward to meet the esteemed office-bearers.

    About Agile Labs
    Agile Labs is a product-focused software firm based in Bangalore. Agile was established
    in 2001. Axpert™ – a rapid application development platform – is our flagship product.
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    o Contract farming
    o Education
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    o Cement manufacturing
    o Paper manufacturing
    o Plastics goods manufacturing
    o Textiles & Garments
    o Construction & Contracting
    o Logistics/Goods transport
    Our Axpert™ TradePlus customers in DR Congo and Angola have very easily computerized
    their operations, with solutions designed to meet their specific needs and business conditions.
    They are now able to strike a perfect balance between operational flexibility and
    management control.

    Hope to see you all there in Dar Es Salaam, 24-26!

    Head-business development, AGILE LABS,BANGALORE,INDIA
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