discuss with German and Tanzanian experts and solution providers, how you can bring down your energy costs through utilization of solar energy. The Conference is sponsored by the German Ministry of Economics and is organized in close cooperation also with the Tanzanian Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) and GIZ. For the time of conference we will arrange individual meetings on basis of your request. Besides stand-alone solutions such as solar pumps and Solar-Home-Systems, centralized systems can provide power to industries and farms with offices, processing machinery, cold storages, pumps etc. Case studies in Tanzania (agro-farms, industries) show, that solar PV systems provide power at costs of 7-10 USCent/ kWh, compared to 18-25 USCent/ kWhby average for a mix of TANESCO power and diesel; investments are usually paid back after 3-5 years. However, the feasibility strongly depends on the current power supply costs and the load profile over day and year. German experts and companies will give you an overview about technical solutions, international/ regional good practices and the economic viability of solar energy systems. In addition, information about available finance will be provided. The Conference and the German companies mainly address grid-connected as well off-grid medium- and large-sized industries and farms (with a power demand of above 30 KW, i.e. a diesel generator of above 40 KVA). If you are interested in considering options to bring down your energy costs through a solar system and want to participate in the Conferenc. For any question about the Conference, you are kindly requested to contact Dr. Georgia Badelt, the Head of the German Energy Desk, Email: Georgia.badelt@kenya-ahk.co.ke or Mr. Dirk Smelty, Tanzanian-German Business Center at TCCIA, Email: dirk.smelty@TCCIA.com dirk.smelty@smelty.com dirk.smelty@tan-ger-bc.com Mobile Tan +255(0) 782261771 Mobile Ger +49 (0) 15151580697 Skype dirk smelty It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the Conference.

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