TURKISH BUSINESS DELEGATION IN DAR ESA SALAAM, ( Hyatt Regency Dar es salaam) 2nd April 2015

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with ABITAT, Tanznaia is organizing a one-day Business to Business Meeting and Seminar on 2nd April 2015 The Business to Business Meeting aims to provide available Business opportunities and link Business people of both Countries Tanzania and Turkey. The coming Turkish Business Delegation will be Comprised of business people from various Industry like i. Building Materials and Construction, ii.Textile iii.Education . IV. Agriculture V. Import and Export Date : 2nd April 2015 Place: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dar es Salaam Starting Time: 1900 hours For Participation please contact TCCIA: Email: hq@tccia.com fhamisi@tccia.com Tel: +255 22 2664842

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