ChamberTrust -The Passport for your Business

ChamberTrust – The Trust-Mark with Global Recognition through the Global Chamber Network  a more realistic promise of e-business is finally within reach and the Chamber of Commerce is the major player in the solution as it represents the oldest, most trusted, and biggest network of businesses in the world.

Over 400 years old, with tens of thousands of member chambers representing some 25 million plus businesses, the Chamber of Commerce system operates on all continents and in virtually every country of the world.

Recognizing the need to increase member confidence in selling and buying over the Internet, the ChamberTrust Seal program was developed by the World Chambers Network in conjunction with the World Chambers Federation of the International Chamber of Commerce to provide basic link from the cyber world to the real world for potential business customers, while also short-listing the company in a highly advanced ‘qualitative’, worldwide chamber business database and search system.

A firm can increase sales and lower overall costs by tapping new markets beyond its local horizon with only minor internet expenditures, but it has great difficulty conducting even basic due diligence on new customers and suppliers which are in  known, smaller local markets – and vice-versa.

More often than not, people have no idea whether a particular company far away and advertising on the next actually exists in the real world, or how big it is, or who the real principals are – or whether the ‘company’ is really the imaginary product of a fourteen year-old with a Hotmail account and good computer skills.

The ChamberTrust legal document is highlighted and accessed on the application form, before a company submits information. It is also located at the Central ChamberTrust Seal Registry, before web users can search for a seal.   For more information go to ICC/WCN Website

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