Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry& Agriculture(TCCIA) has introduced a New Mobile system of Collecting views from Business Community concerning the re-introduction of business licence fee.

Speaking with Journalist TCCIA President Eng. Peter Chisawillo said the move follows complaints from businesspensorns over the move which was affected since July, last year which Governement done without consulting private sector.

Already there have been many complaints from the business community on the issue,However, the private sector complaints is based on the facts that the decision was made without their being involved.

According to Chisawillo the restoration of such fees will provide a loophole for officers to harass the businessmen when seeking payament from the licence each year as there is no specific guidance given by the governament on how to handle the issue.

We intend to lobby with Govenment to introdcuce policies,laws and good environment for business in order to boost the private at the same time attracting foreign investorsas a way of improving the financial status of each individual person.

To participate in the Campaign you Text LESENI space then write complain then Send to 15539 web server .

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