The Tanzania Government has prepared a draft bill that aims at banning the export of scrap metals in order to protect domestic industries, the Minister for Industries and Trade, Dr Cyril Chami, has said.

“The bill is coming and once passed export of scrap metals will be banned by law to enhance local industrial growth by making use of home raw materials,” he said.

Dr Chami made the revelation in Dar es Salaam during a tour of Yuasa Battery Industry at Vingunguti Industrial area. According to Dr Chami, the bill has already been handed over to the Attorney General before it is taken to the cabinet for further evaluation.

The minister made the revelation following complaints by the company’s (Yuasa) management on the illegal export of scrap batteries. Chairman of the industry, Mr Navin Kanabar had told the minister that the availability of scrap batteries within the country has proved to be a serious problem to cater for the requirement of the industry.

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