Importers have requested the government to explain clearly on the products needed to be inspected before being shipped to Tanzania in order to remove confusion between them and the  supervising organ. Speaking in Dar es Salaam during the half day awareness seminar organized by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), they said there are some materials which do not need inspection. The seminar was convened to educate traders and members of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) on the new pre-inspection procedures established by the government. “I understand that raw materials do not need inspection, when I looked at the list of products I found that it is supposed to be inspected, so you have to tell us clearly what is needed,” Said Mohammed from Bakhresa Group of companies said. He said there is a need to review all products needed to be inspected at the country of origin before being shipped to Tanzania. Read More web server . website down .

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