Are you puzzled? struggling which policy,act or regulation should your business follow for legal compliance?

Struggle no more ,Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture aims at improving good governance to its members  through better understanding of Government policies and regulations , and “Governance and Accountability” is one of three clusters in the Poverty Reduction Strategy (the Mkukuta). In order to secure sustainable development it is essential to ensure that structures and systems of governance as well as rule of law are democratic, participatory, representative, accountable and inclusive. It is also important to ensure equitable allocation of public resources- with corruption effectively addressed. The Governance systems must work in favour of all citizens, also the poor and vulnerable groups. Areas that Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture priorities in particular under “Good Governance and Accountability” are Anti-Corruption initiatives in Business and whole society in general and good governance at local level.

Acts & Regulations

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