Gujarat is amongst most progressive States of India representing 17% of India’s industrial output, 22% of India’s exports and a rapidly growing GDP from its current level of 8% of GDP of whole of India. Gujarat has specific strengths in the field of textile & apparel, chemicals & petro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, engineering & automobiles, agro & food processing, power and petroleum, which are all of immense relevance to Tanzania, and India-Tanzania economic & business cooperation.
The Government of Gujarat, led by a Principal Secretary and accompanied by over ten business leaders, are visiting Tanzania on 4-5 Sept. 2018. On 5 Sept, a roadshow on “Vibrant Gujarat” will be held at Kibo Ballroom, Hotel Hyatt Kilimanjaro from 9:30 AM – 1300 PM. A list of business persons from Gujarat coming with the delegation covering CMD/MD/Directors of important chemical, textile, polymer, petrochemical, healthcare, construction & ceramics, bio & solar energy, IT/software, etc.

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