The government is finalising a policy document that would be used to address key agricultural marketing challenges that farmers face.  The policy is said to attempt to help farmers to overcome the obstacles when selling their produce. An official of the ministry of Trade, Industries and Marketing, Alfred Mapunda, said the policy would be discussed by the relevant parties before it is adopted. “We are finalising the policy, the remaining portions include allocating duties and responsibilities to various actors. Then, it’ll be ready for discussion and endorsement by the Parliament,” he told a group of farmers in Morogoro recently. Mr Mapunda said some of the issues that the policy sought to address included processing of raw crops to increase their market value, increasing accessibility of information to farmers and the establishment as well as improvement of modern market facilities and infrastructures. However, commenting on the proposed policy, some small-scale farmers attending the meeting faulted the government for its failure to involve them in the preparation of the document that targets them from the earliest stages arguing that their network was their for that purpose. “There are many issues that need direct input of farmers when drafting a policy on agriculture … proper coordination of all stakeholders would be very much desired,” Stephen Ruvuga, the director general of Mviwata, a farmers’ organisaton, said. It was unfortunate, he noted, that the government spent much time and resources to develop policy documents that in the end fail to address key problems facing the relevant stakeholders. The process to formulation of the market policy started in 2008, although, the government official could not say when exactly it would become operational.Currently, connecting over 13,000 members, Mviwata is a farmers’ organisation that strives to make them have a common voice in defending economic, social, cultural and political interests in Tanzania.   Source – The Citizen

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