Here we come again, welcome to the 2nd  Mbeya  International Trade Fair (Mbeya Expo 2014) due to take place in Mbeya  City from 23rd October 2014 to 29th  October 2014.  The main objective of the exhibition is running under the Theme: TO PROMOTE CROSS BORDER TRADE with the overall objective of facilitating the transformation of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania (and Mbeya in particular) as a new destination for investment and trade, formalization of cross border trade with neighbouring countries of Malawi, Zambia, Congo, Mozambique and Southern African Countries.

Background information Mbeya region is located in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and in the region bordering D.R. Congo, Zambia and Malawi and in the neighbourhood of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Mbeya is linked with good infrastructure network  (rail, road, lake and air link) with the rest of the world. Mbeya enjoys a favourable climate for most tropical agricultural products including paddy, maize, wheat, sunflower, simsim, potatoes, banana, horticulture and floriculture. Furthermore Mbeya has plenty of mineral deposits and tourist attractions. Through the MBEYA EXPO 2014, TCCIA invites the Business Community to turn out in large numbers and showcase the region’s enterprises so that it can begin to exploit and realize the full benefits of the EAC Customs Union and Common Market, similar to our counterparts in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda. And there will be also an opportunity for business to business meeting organised by TCCIA officials during the Fair. web server The event will also provide an ideal opportunity to meet the market leaders in the East African Market.


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