TCCIA provides registration and renewal of membership in Swahili and English, issues Certificates of Origin, authenticates exporting documents and prepares statistical reports which show the volumes of exports and re-exports made from Tanzania.

Membership Services TCCIA is run by the members, for the members, in the interest of its members. As such, we are committed to providing the services, information, and opportunities needed to help our members grow their businesses in Tanzania. We are dedicated to continually expanding and enhancing our services and welcome your

  • Business Programmes.
  • Chamber Events.
  • Membership Directory Listing.
  • SME-SMS Helpline Listing.
  • Promotional Activities.
  • Participate in Sectoral Committees.

Information services TCCIA receives inquiries from local and foreign bodies via telephone, mail, e-mail and fax. These inquiries include information about the Tanzania, investment opportunities in Tanzania and other trading opportunities, exhibitions, and information about tourism, economy, markets and etc. The information services include:

  • List of companies by size.
  • List of companies by employees.
  • Calendar of Trade Fairs & exhibitions in Tanzania.
  • List of exhibitions in Tanzania.
  • Commercial laws and companies’ regulations.
  • General information about Tanzania including its tourist destinations.
  • Publications of the Chamber.
  • Information for starting up a business.
  • Company profiles.
  • List of newly-registered companies.
  • List of companies by line of Business.
  • List of companies by legal status.

Issuance of Certificate of Origin Exporting products out of a country is an essential function of many businesses. However, exporting goods can be confusing, as there are many regulations to follow and various documents to fill out. An important piece of documentation that must be included in each export shipment is the certificate of origin.

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture is the sole institution in Tanzania vested with full mandate to verify the origin of all goods manufactured/processed in the Country for the export market and the issuance of the accompanied Certificates of Origin.ranging from :-

  • East African Certificate of Origin,
  • EUR1 Movement Certificate,
  • SADC Certificate of Origin,
  • SACU – MMTZ,
  • SPT,
  • AGOA,
  • International Certificate of Origin.

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