Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture offers variety of services that caters for its members who are in all sectors representing business community.

Dialogue, Advocacy & Lobbying

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce ,Industry and Agriculture is the chief spokesperson for the business community country-Dialogue, wide. It lobbies through government, the press and all local and international Advocacy institutions whose activities affect the Tanzanian business community. The Dialogue , Advocacy & Lobbying is done at the national regional and district levels depending on the scale of the problem.

Business Information

Information centers are available at all regional chambers and at the headquarters in Dar es Salaam.Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture receives a great numbers of business inquiries from all over the world. Companies seeking customers or suppliers channel their inquiries through the reliable Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture network. The inquiries are published on our web site and in our bulletins/ newsletters.

Certificates of Origin

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture being the holistic,single,largest private sector initiative SADC Certificates is the sole authority or issuer of all certificates of origin for products  originating from Tanzania. It issues seven types of certificates namely East African Certificate of Origin,EUR1 Movement Certificate,SADC Certificate of Origin,SACU – MMTZ,SPT,AGOA and International Certificate of Origin.

Sector Specific Surveys Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture specializes in doing surveys all over the country by utilizing its vast regional/district network and in establishing sectoral databases.Databases of Specific SMEs, SME support institutions and of Forestry stakeholders have been created. Business Partner Match-Making  and Linkages

Search for Business Partners from Various National & International Business Databases including Kompass Database (2.2 Million company profiles from 75 countries,704,000 trade & Brand names,3.5 million named executives). This avails the opportunity to Chamber members to source & locate international business partners.Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture is an associate member to various local and international bodies ,including the Other Chamber of Commerce with whom TCCIA has  signed Memoranda of Association. These linkages place TCCIA members on the world business map

Trainings & Workshops

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture analyses training needs of the business community and formulates tailored training programmes for its members. The Chamber provides training workshops on such topics as business skils,taxation,sales and marketing information technology for business and accounting.


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