Joining the Chamber

One avenue every business in Tanzania should explore is joining their Chamber of Commerce (TCCIA) on a District,Regional or National Level. TCCIA offers a variety of marketing and networking opportunities that are well worth the price of Chamber membership. Every Chamber is different, but all boast a robust offering for businesses large and small.

In addition to a variety of networking events,TCCIA also offers businesses advice, free seminars and other learning opportunities that provide members access to experts in areas of human resources, sales, finance, marketing, etc. You can learn a lot through these offerings, but you can also turn these educational opportunities around to promote your business. If you’re an expert in your industry, work with your Chamber to be the speaker at one of their upcomin

Marketing and advertising opportunities are another great reason to join the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture. Members usually receive a business listing on the Chamber’s online directory – so businesses receive exposure 24/7. Chamber of Commerce members are also offered special advertising and marketing opportunities to reach more customers, such as local event sponsorships,trade fairs and expos.

Trust Factor Another reason to join Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture is the trust factor. Just being able to hang your Chamber membership plaque at your place of business or post your Chamber’s logo on your website sends a positive message to your customers.

With all of the business benefits, joining your National, Regional or District  Chamber of Commerce may be one of the best marketing decisions you make as a small business.

You may join the Chamber or Renew your membership via paper application or online

For those preferring the paper approach:

  1. Download or Print the application.
  1. Fill it out and mail it, along with a check for the appropriate amount, to:

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture PPF House/Morogoro road P.O Box 9713 Dar es salaam Dar es salaam Tel:(22) 211-9436/+255-22-2119437 Or by completing an application and submitting it to the person with your Tccia region. Please check at your nearest Location within the regions


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