Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) under the support of Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) conducted a Private Sector Stakeholders’ Forum at Gold Crest Hotel in Mwanza between 26th and 27th May,2015. The major objectives of the forum were to share the success stories that have so far been realized in the fight against Non Tariff Barriers (NTBs) but also to take the stock of other unreported NTBs/challenges  facing various sectors as well as developing a combined strategy in advocating for their removals. The forum was attended by 75 participants from every region of Tanzania Mainland and from diverse sectors including agriculture, industry, trade, transportation, dairy, fishing e.t.c Some of the key Private Sector Organizations that were represented includes; Tanzania Truck Owners Association (TATOA), Agriculture Council of Tanzania (ACT), Tanzania freight Forwarders Association (TAFFA), Tanzania Milk Processors Association (TAMPA), Tanzania Hort-Cultural Association (TAHA), Leather   Association of Tanzania (LAT) and Vikundi vya Biashara Ndogondogo (VIBINDO). The forum was also attended by exporters from various regions. During the Forum, the following NTBs were mentioned as obstacles for trade growth in Tanzania and the EAC Region as a whole; 1.Lack of coordination among the numerous institutions involved in testing goods Reported 2. Border management institutions’ working hours are not harmonized. 3. Non-harmonized road user charges / road tolls 4. Re-introduction of County transit fees by Kenya’s authorities. 5. Delayed operationalization of One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs) The above NTBs were extracted from the EAC Time Bound Programme for NTBs elimination as things that still inconvenience Tanzania’s exporters to trade in the EAC region. Other issues that were discussed include; 1.Transit vehicles being stopped by traffic police at several points along the roads, traffic Police still collecting money from Truck Drivers (@TShs 1000.00 per truck) 2. Re-introduction of Business licenses adding to the cost of doing business 3. Milk sector being over-regulated( TFDA, TBS, OSHA, NEMC, WMA,) 4. Limited availability of milk packaging materials 5. Imports of milk from UAE, RSA, Uganda and Kenya competing with local production. However it was noted that Kenya and Uganda is part of the EAC region and as long as their milk products originate then they can access Tanzania market preferentially. 6. Over taxation of horticulture sub-sector 7. Cost of Aircraft fuel and landing charges at KIA too high compared with JomoKenyatta Airport. This deters transport Airlines from landing at KIA. 8. TFDA and TBS roles on quality and standards each doing inspection separately and at different times wasting a lot time for transporters. TCCIA under the support of TMEA has been implementing NTBs Project for the aim of monitoring the elimination of NTBs. Through the project two computer based systems have been developed to facilitate trade in the country and to reduce bottlenecks in trading through Central corridor. NTBs SMS and Online Reporting and Monitoring System is aimed at capturing NTBs from the business community and submit them to the authorities for elimination.Electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) system is another system which enables exporters to obtain certificates of origin electronically and cut down the cost of processing the certificates by 50%. To report NTBs exporters and other economic operators can use their mobile phones SMS by writing NTBs (leave a space) then report the problem and send the SMS to 15539. TCCIA is the Tanzania’s Private Sector Focal Point for NTBs.

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