We would like to inform you that Tanzania Chamber of Commerce(TCCIA)is organizing Tanzanian participation in 18Th Rwanda international Trade Fair 2015 scheduled to take place at Gikonda Trade Fair Ground,Kigali Rwanda from 29th July,to 12Th August,2015 TCCIA has identified your products as an export oriented products. By this letter, we wish to officially invite you to participate in this important event. Kindly observe the following conditions:- 1. Prepare good quality products which will be accompanied with promotion literature and the export price list. 2. Designate your officer to promote your product sample in the Tanzanian Stand during the fair. 3. Organization/companies falling under SME’s should fulfil the following:- • Good quality exportable products • The capacity to supply external market • Be able to afford of her/his cost associated to their participation, (i.e accommodation, personal transport and the general up keep while in Maputo). • SME’ to contribute USD 200 as cost sharing for administrative purposes 4. Companies not falling under SMEs will contribute USD 1000 as cost sharing for the booth and administrative costs.

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